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Almond-Butter Cookies...

Rainy Days make for lots of Baking...

This is my fave peanut butter cookie recipe, but I had a huge jar of almond butter- and I wanted to try ALMOND butter cookies! So here goes...


 I just threw everything in my Kitchenaid- makes quick work of dough!
Preheat oven to 350
You'll need:

2 sticks unsalted butter, room temp.
2 c. brown sugar
2 eggs
seeds of 1/2 a vanilla bean
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 c. almond butter (or peanut butter, or whatever kind of nut butter you like!)
1/2 tsp salt
2 tsp baking soda
3 c. AP flour

1/2-2/3 c white sugar in a bowl, for rolling 
...and a fork
Beat butter, sugar and salt together, scrape vanilla seeds in and vanilla extract. Add nut butter and eggs- combine thoroughly. Add baking soda and flour- cover mixer with a towel to avoid a 'cloud' of flour...


 Using a cookie scoop, and drop balls into bowl with white sugar- toss to coat and place on a parchment-lined cookie sheet about 3 inches apart. Use a fork to imprint, not pressing too hard.

Bake for about 8-10 minutes, checking and rotating halfway through... Let cool a couple minutes and then move to wire rack to cool completely...

btw ...I made about 70  2" cookies using a 18/8 scoop

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