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Kumquat Marmalade

I think I have more citrus in my house than any normal person.
But isn't it beauteous??


Meyer Lemons, 'regular' lemons, Blood Oranges, Limes, Navel Oranges,
Clementines and Kumquats


Considering we havent had much of a winter up here surprisingly enough I can still find a way to complain.  I just want it to be sunny, green and nice outside all the time I guess.  Today we have 10" of snow in the forecast.  Goodie.

So what is the next best thing to sunshine for a blizzard-y grey February day??  Lemons. Oranges. Citrus in general. Its perfume can lift your mood almost instantly... and so I delved into making four kinds of marmalade all in two days.  (Maybe I need to up my vitamin intake.)  Nonetheless, I now have more than four dozen little jars of 'sunshine' in various flavors. This one is my favorite and I might  just hoard every last jar for myself  just have to make another batch.  I thought I'd share.



Kumquats aren't something you see everyday. Especially this far north.  I was going to the local grocery store with high hopes of finding lots of fresh ginger to make ginger spread.  I immediately noticed pints of kumquats (for some outrageous price) and on impulse decided to buy one- just as the produce gal was coming out to put them on sale.  She saw them in my cart and stopped me to put $1.49 stickers on them-  so I grabbed two more packages.  Score!

 I used three pint packages of kumquats and it was just perfect.  I also put the zest and juice of one navel orange in as well, to make about four cups of fruit and juice.


Prepare canner, jars and lids etc.
 (you'll need about a dozen 4oz. jars for this batch)

  Here is a link to basic canning information.

And this is a list of everything I use when I can:
-a good rubber jar lifter
-magnetic jar lid lifter
-stainless steel stock pot
-rack to fit the bottom (or use extra jar bands)
 -another small pot to warm lids 
-extra pair of tongs
-soup ladle
-candy thermometer
-damp paper towel
-a cotton towel to lay on work surface


3 pints of kumquats (about a pound and a half)
1 large navel orange
2 cups white sugar
 2 cups water
1 cup honey
6-7 star anise

Pick through fruit and toss any squishy 'quats.  Soak in warm water with a smidge of dish soap for a few minutes.  Wash and rinse really well a couple of times.  Cut stem end off and slice as thin as possible, plucking out and reserving any seeds you find (as they will be our little pectin workhorses).  Add sliced fruit to a big 6 quart or larger stock pot.
Zest and juice one orange, adding to pot with sugar and water.

 Wrap all seeds and star anise in a doubled-over peice of cheesecloth, tied with twine. Toss in pot.
 Bring to a simmer over medium heat.  Cook for about 30-40 minutes, stirring once in a while (turning heat down if it starts sticking to the bottom) until thickened. Add honey, watch carefully towards the end and bring temp up to 220F degrees (gel stage).  Squeeze out and remove seed/anise package and ladle hot marmalade into prepared jars.  Wipe rims well with a damp paper towel, seal with lid and band and place in prepared large stock pot.  Boil in water bath for ten minutes.  Let sit 5 minutes, remove from canner and let cool completely until set.




(kumquat marmalade and blood orange marmalade, and the blizzard)

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